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If you were embarking on planting crops, one of your main concerns would be ensuring that they get sufficient hydration through the germination and growing periods. As such, it is not uncommon to find most planters would rather opt for irrigation services rather than leave this up to the weather elements. If you are considering an irrigation system for your plants, you should consider one that is not only efficient but that also reduces the amount of moisture lost through evaporation. Hence, it is a good choice to consider opting for a sprinkler system as these ensure the water droplets fall in close proximity to the ground. Here are some of the various sprinkler systems you can choose when looking for irrigation services.

Soaker hoses

These sprinkler systems are composed of a porous membrane that water is passed through. As the water moves through the porous membrane, it oozes out of the hose and permeates the ground. This type of irrigation system is best suited for individuals who are looking for an underground solution for their plants, thus ensuring that the roots are always sufficiently hydrated. When using soaker hoses, you can opt to program the release of water through a timer or manually turn them on and off.

Drip irrigation

These types of systems are gaining increasingly popularity with gardeners and landscapers alike. This irrigation system consists of valves, emitters, piping and tubing. These components are laid right onto the root line of the plants so that water can drip slowly into the earth. As such, water does not become wasted when irrigating your plants as compared to using other alternatives such as overhead irrigation systems. An additional advantage of the drip irrigation sprinkler system is that although it will be installed on all the land, it can be restricted to specific zones on your land. This means you get to control what areas get water and decide which ones do not.

Spray sprinkler systems

These are the conventional type of sprinkler system you would opt for when looking for irrigation services. These systems include spray heads that are erected at ground level. Some of the spray heads may originate from extended pipes that have been laid in the ground. The main advantage of the spray sprinkler system is that the spray heads come in varying sizes, thus giving you control of the amount of water you would like to use during your different irrigation sessions.