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3 Options Available to Know When Selecting Pool Pumps

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One of the most crucial pieces of equipment you have to consider for your swimming pool is its pool pump. This is because it is responsible for an array of operations such as keeping your pool chemically balanced, ensuring the pool is free of debris and maintaining proper circulation of water in your pool. As such, it is not recommended to simply select a pool pump based on how cheap it is. Instead, you would have to consider if it will meet your pool's requirements as well as whether it would be the most energy efficient option for you. Here are some of the different options that are available to you when selecting pool pumps.

Pool pumps with single-speed mechanism

As the name suggests these types of pool pumps will operate on one speed setting. They tend to be the more reasonably priced options when you are looking for pool pumps. Hence, they are a popular option for homeowners who are seeking a pool pump on a budget. It should be noted though that since this type of pump only operates at one speed, it is typically set at its maximum. Therefore, they are best suited for smaller pool that will not require a lot of energy to keep clean. If you have a big swimming pool, you may find your utility costs will rise, as the pump will have to work harder to service the entire pool.

Pool pumps with a two-speed mechanism

Pool pumps with a two-speed mechanism give you the option of choosing between a high-speed setting and a low-speed setting. This is ideal for medium sized pools that are not being used on a regular basis. As such, you get the chance to choose how fast you would like your pool being filtered depending on the rate at which it is becoming dirty. This feature makes these types of pool-pumps more energy efficient than their one-speed counterparts.

Pool pumps with variable speed mechanisms

A variable-speed pump will come with multiple speed settings. These types of pool pumps are ideal for larger swimming pools, which may require different rates of cleaning depending on the season as well as usage of the pool. You will also find that these types of pool pumps tend to be the most energy efficient as you have a wider array of options to choose from when it comes to the amount of energy that your pump uses. It should be noted though that these pool pumps also tend to be the most expensive. However, they make up for it with the pool related energy savings you make in the long run.