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3 Options Available to Know When Selecting Pool Pumps

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One of the most crucial pieces of equipment you have to consider for your swimming pool is its pool pump. This is because it is responsible for an array of operations such as keeping your pool chemically balanced, ensuring the pool is free of debris and maintaining proper circulation of water in your pool. As such, it is not recommended to simply select a pool pump based on how cheap it is. Instead, you would have to consider if it will meet your pool’s requirements as well as whether it would be the most energy efficient option for you. Here are some of the different options that are available to you when selecting pool pumps. Pool pumps with single-speed mechanism As the name suggests these types of pool pumps will operate on one speed setting. They tend to be the more reasonably priced options when you are looking for pool pumps. Hence, they are a popular option for homeowners who are seeking a pool pump on a budget. It should be noted though that since this type of pump only operates at one speed, it is typically set at its maximum. Therefore, they are best suited for smaller pool that will not require a lot of energy to keep clean. If you have a big swimming pool, you may find your utility costs will rise, as the pump will have to work harder to service the entire pool. Pool pumps with a two-speed mechanism Pool pumps with a two-speed mechanism give you the option of choosing between a high-speed setting and a low-speed setting. This is ideal for medium sized pools that are not being used on a regular basis. As such, you get the chance to choose how fast you would like your pool being filtered depending on the rate at which it is becoming dirty. This feature makes these types of pool-pumps more energy efficient than their one-speed counterparts. Pool pumps with variable speed mechanisms A variable-speed pump will come with multiple speed settings. These types of pool pumps are ideal for larger swimming pools, which may require different rates of cleaning depending on the season as well as usage of the pool. You will also find that these types of pool pumps tend to be the most energy efficient as you have a wider array of options to choose from when it comes to the amount of energy that your pump uses. It should be noted though that these pool pumps also tend to be the most expensive. However, they make up for it with the pool related energy savings you make in the long...

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Handy Tips You Can Use For Sprinkler System Maintenance

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When it comes to sprinkler irrigation systems, it is not about a one size fits all mechanism. Your individual system is supposed to be tailored to your yard’s specific needs. This is especially important if you live in an area that is predisposed to water restrictions or limited water supply. By having your sprinkler system tailored to your needs, you ensure that there will be no occurrence of over-watering and under-watering your yard. In addition to customizing your sprinkler system, it is also prudent to undertake regular maintenance measures to ensure that it is working in optimum condition. This can go a long way in saving you costs related to repairs as well as water wastage. Here are some handy tips you can use for sprinkler system maintenance. Ensure the sprinkler system is operating with adequate pressure  If the water pressure of your sprinkler system is not properly calibrated, you could find that your yard is developing pools of water where they should not exist. This can also be coupled with patches of your lawn that are soggier than normal. Typically, the wrong pressure will cause your sprinkler system to emit uneven sprays of water. This will not only cause some parts of your yard to be over watered, but it will also lead to aridity in areas that are not receiving sufficient water supply. It is prudent to always keep an eye on the water pressure of your sprinkler system to ensure uniform irrigation of your premises. Ensure the sprinkler heads are in good condition Although your sprinkler heads only work toward dispersing water on your yard, it does not mean that they are immune to damage. One of the most common reasons that these sprinkler heads acquire damage is through impact from lawn mowers. However, over time, they may also acquire damage from simple wear and tear. Some of the signs to look out for when inspecting the sprinkler heads include breakage, misalignment and more. If your sprinkler heads have been compromised, it is likely that they will be leaking water which bot only causes uneven coverage when irrigating your lawn, but can also result in exorbitant water costs. Always ensure that any damaged sprinkler heads are replaced post haste to reduce the chances of further wastage of volumes of water. Ensure the sprinkler system is winterized In general, homeowners will not use their sprinkler system during the colder months. However, this does not mean you leave it be until the warmer months roll around. As winter sets in, it is prudent to ensure there is no water lingering within the sprinkler system. This water could freeze and pose the risk of cracks and breaks in the piping of the sprinkler system. Take measures to completely drain the sprinkler system before the temperatures drop...

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Various Sprinkler Systems You Can Choose When Looking fYou did a nice job with _____ in this article. However, articles that tak

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If you were embarking on planting crops, one of your main concerns would be ensuring that they get sufficient hydration through the germination and growing periods. As such, it is not uncommon to find most planters would rather opt for irrigation services rather than leave this up to the weather elements. If you are considering an irrigation system for your plants, you should consider one that is not only efficient but that also reduces the amount of moisture lost through evaporation. Hence, it is a good choice to consider opting for a sprinkler system as these ensure the water droplets fall in close proximity to the ground. Here are some of the various sprinkler systems you can choose when looking for irrigation services. Soaker hoses These sprinkler systems are composed of a porous membrane that water is passed through. As the water moves through the porous membrane, it oozes out of the hose and permeates the ground. This type of irrigation system is best suited for individuals who are looking for an underground solution for their plants, thus ensuring that the roots are always sufficiently hydrated. When using soaker hoses, you can opt to program the release of water through a timer or manually turn them on and off. Drip irrigation These types of systems are gaining increasingly popularity with gardeners and landscapers alike. This irrigation system consists of valves, emitters, piping and tubing. These components are laid right onto the root line of the plants so that water can drip slowly into the earth. As such, water does not become wasted when irrigating your plants as compared to using other alternatives such as overhead irrigation systems. An additional advantage of the drip irrigation sprinkler system is that although it will be installed on all the land, it can be restricted to specific zones on your land. This means you get to control what areas get water and decide which ones do not. Spray sprinkler systems These are the conventional type of sprinkler system you would opt for when looking for irrigation services. These systems include spray heads that are erected at ground level. Some of the spray heads may originate from extended pipes that have been laid in the ground. The main advantage of the spray sprinkler system is that the spray heads come in varying sizes, thus giving you control of the amount of water you would like to use during your different irrigation...

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Reasons to Test Your Well Water

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Having a well as your primary source of water supply can be of utmost convenience for your household. However, this does not make it exempt from contaminants and pollutants. Homeowners typically will know there is something wrong with their water supply if it turns an off colour or has odour emanating from it. It should be noted though that these are not sure-fire signs that your water is unhealthy. Other contaminants may not be easily noticeable yet have adverse effects on the people using that water supply. Here are some of the reasons why it is good to opt for occasional water testing even if you do not suspect a problem with your water supply. Residents and pets are experiencing gastrointestinal problems Typically, when your loved ones or pets are experiencing gastrointestinal distress, you will chalk it up to something they ate. Although this illness can be caused by a myriad of things, one of the aspects to look into should be your water supply. Some of the contaminants that can go undetected to the naked eye include microorganisms breeding in the water and copper pollution. Ignoring the signs of gastrointestinal distress will simply lead to extensive exposure to the polluted water and this can escalate into more serious health problems. As such, it would be best to have water testing conducted to ascertain the cause of the gastrointestinal problems. Your plumbing system comprises lead and brass Another reason your water may be contaminated is because it is being pumped through lead pipes or coming into contact with brass fixtures. Over time, lead starts to corrode. This debris is then deposited into your water supply. The longer the water keeps passing through these fixtures, the higher the chances of lead and brass contamination. This can lead to a host of health problems including kidney damage, development of mental disabilities and more. Lead and brass fitting in plumbing are typical in older homes. Thus if your residence was not built in the recent past, it would be pertinent to have occasional water testing to ensure that your pipes are not corroding. Your home is in close proximity to a farm or industrial facility Well water is derived from deep aquifers in the earth. These aquifers are do not have stagnant water, as the water will flow in from different areas. As such, the water is at risk of having chemicals and other pollutants seeping into them especially if they are in close proximity to industrial facilities or farms that use chemicals. To avoid gradual poisoning from these chemicals, it is best to opt for occasional water testing to keep you and your family...

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